Wanted Man Arrested After Applying For A Job At Police Department

An Arizona man with little common sense decided it was a good idea to apply for a job at the police station that was looking to arrest him. Alberto Saavedra Lopez, 32, worked at a bank from which he stole $5,000 and was a suspect since 2016.


Maybe Alberto thought that the heat for his arrest vanished and that he was in the clear. When he applied for a job at the police department, he was arrested in the process.

According to Fox 10, Lopez quit his job in Cottonwood at the Bank of America and moved to Phoenix. There was a warrant out for his arrest, and he rejected calls and missed appointments with the authorities.


In December of 2017, Saavedra Lopez applied for a job at the police department which he refused to cooperate with, in the past. After Lopez filled out his job application, police officers invited him to the station on January 4th for what he thought was a job interview.

Instead of getting the job he wanted, they arrested Alberto for felony theft. “You’re out of the running for employment with the police department,” officers told Saavedra Lopez.

This article was inspired by AZCentral // Former bank employee suspected of theft applies for Cottonwood police job