VIDEO: Little Boy Sings ‘Adios Amor’ To His Crush In Front Of Class

A six-year-old boy sang Christian Nodal’s “Adios Amor” for his crush in front of the entire class. According to the after-school program director, the children already knew the song because they were currently rehearsing it in class.


When the boy approached the director and asked if he could sing the song for his girlfriend in front of the class, the director agreed and played the ballad for the boy to sing. The little girl was shyly sitting in the back while covering her face with a sweater.

A classmate tries removing the sweater from her face while another one in the back is helping the little boy with mariachi-like chanting and cheering. The director, Oscar, posted the video on his Twitter account earlier this month but never expected it to go viral.

With over one million views, the video is taking the internet by storm thanks to the charming talent the little boy shows. Many comments on the video’s thread show nothing but support for the smitten child.

This little guy dared to do what many cannot even fathom. Hopefully, the little girl gave him a chance.

This article was inspired by Latina // Watch: Adorable 6-Year-Old Boy Serenades His School Crush With ‘Adiós Amor’