VIDEO: Mexican Women Dubbed ‘Lady Caguamas’ After Altercation Over Beer

Caguamas for las ‘damas’ or get ready for some drama! A group of three Latinas caused damages to a 7/11 establishment in Juarez, Nuevo Leon after an employee refused to sell alcoholic beverages. This incident occurred on January 6th, minutes after the legal time-window for purchasing alcohol was over.

After employees denied their request for beer, the small group of women went crazy. Store-workers captured the whole altercation on video, and the video went viral, getting dubbed ‘Lady Caguamas’ by the internet.


The video shows the women attempting to enter the convenience store by any means possible, while simultaneously making use of some ‘colorful’ language. A small boy [presumably one of the women’s son] calls out, attempting to calm the ladies down, but they completely ignore him.

The women furiously tried shaking the door open, paced around, and at one point, one of them picked up a large rock from the ground. A few seconds after they finally left, the employee heard the loud crackling noise of glass breaking.

The woman launched the rock at the establishment’s window, and the video shows the employee standing in disbelief of the situation.

This article was inspired by ZOCALO // #LadyCaguamas causa destrozos en tienda