Trump Administration Petitions Supreme Court To End DACA For Good

The Trump administration appealed the San Francisco judge’s ruling to continue DACA while the program’s fate is still legally pending. Now, in an unprecedented step, they have petitioned the Supreme Court to intervene in the case.

If the Supreme Court rules in the administration’s favor, it will allow the government to bypass the 9th Circuit altogether, terminating the judge’s ruling and DACA in one swift move. “It defies both law and common sense,” said Republican Jeff Sessions in a statement.


The attorneys who filed the federal lawsuits leading to the temporary DACA injunction claim they are confident it’s the Supreme Court will side with the Democrats. If the legislative dispute over DACA is not solved soon, it could result in a government shutdown later this week.

Currently, the White House is at odds over whether the immigration crackdown should encapsulate more than just DREAMers or Latinos. After announcing DACA would be ending starting March, California and other states filed lawsuits challenging the decision.


The injunction allows DREAMers to renew their authorizations for a two-year period. It’s worth mentioning that those who didn’t have DACA before cannot apply for it now and DREAMers will not be allowed to return should they travel outside of the United States.

Judge William Alsup, the judge responsible for the injunction, states that Trump’s revocation of a nearly 6-year-old program was “capricious” and not in compliance with federal laws. On the other hand, Government lawyers argue Trump had the authority to do what he did and that the courts did not have the power to review his decision under the federal law.


This article was inspired by THE WASHINGTON POST // Trump administration will ask Supreme Court to allow it to end DACA