4 Months After Maria, Puerto Rico Still Needs Urgent Help

It’s been nearly four months since Hurricane Maria destroyed the island of Puerto Rico and there are still many people trying to overcome the disaster. Many people on the island don’t have energy in their homes or other necessary services.


One and a half million people remain without energy, and it will take officials until the end of February to restore most power – for rural areas, until the end of May. According to the New York Times, it will be “just in time for the 2018 hurricane season.”

Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), said, “If this were happening in Connecticut, there would be riots in the streets.” The lack of energy is considered to be the main reason for deaths that occurred after the storm hit, and it continues to be a danger for the country.


President Donald Trump needs to start working on a faster solution. The power outage situation is in the hands of a small company in Montana, amidst Congress’ enactment of a sweeping tax plan that punishes Puerto Rico with new business taxes.

The federal government and Congress should care more about Puerto Ricans, and get sufficient resources and Medicaid to cover costs quickly. The White House and lawmakers need to remember that Puerto Rican votes will count, as well.


This article was inspired by The Washington Post // No more excuses. Puerto Rico needs help