Netflix Announces Latino Web Series Starring America Ferrera

Latino-oriented Netflix shows are skyrocketing among the content presented in the platform. Netflix is noticing the Latino audience is hugely present, and they are working on bringing more Spanish-language content to their streaming service.

They recently announced that they are working to adapt ‘Gente-fied,’ a Latino-oriented web series. Created by Marvin Lemus, co-written by Yvette Chavez and produced by Macro Ventures, the series also counts with America Ferrera as executive producer.


Gente-fied is the first series produced by multi-platform producer Macro Ventures. America Ferrera is not only one of the executive producers but also stars in the series.

The series focuses on the life of seven Latino characters that include older business owners and bicultural millennials as they figure the outcomes of gentrification in their mainly Latino community of Boyle Heights. Each of the seven episodes revolves around the life of a single character.


The marketing strategy for Netflix is to bring more Latino content, as they noticed Latin America is a big consumer. Last year, Mexico was the number one country in streaming, and several Latino shows were in the worldwide Top 10 for the most viewed shows, such as Ingobernable and El Chapo.

This article was inspired by Broadcast // Netflix to adapt Latino web series