VIDEO: Cruel Man Pretends To Play With His Dog Before Abandoning Him

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but for this man in the Colombian capital, Bogota, that saying does not apply. In a video filmed by a family in their car, the man is seen “playing” with his dog before tossing a toy for the dog to fetch – the man then takes off to his car.


The dog is fast enough to reach his owner’s car, but the man doesn’t care and drives away, abandoning the dog on the street. The Institute for Animal and Welfare Protection of Bogota said that a legal team is already reviewing the case to take actions towards the dog owner.

“Abandonment is a cruel form of abuse, and it is a crime. The Mayor of Bogota has a zero-tolerance policy towards animal abuse and abandonment in the city,” said the Institute. The family who recorded this horrible man’s action were very hurt by what they were watching.

“Call the police,” one of the members said at the very end of the video. The family published the video on Friday and immediately went viral, shocking internet users.

Fortunately for the doggie, he already found a loving family who is going to take care of him. One of those who felt the dog’s pain in the video, Monica Barrero, contacted her neighbors to help her find the dog. She ended up adopting him.

Barrero posted on Facebook that she would take care of the dog. She adopted him on January 14th and named him Thor. “He is very noble, drinks a lot of water and pees all over the place. My husband and I are working hard on his training,” she wrote.

This article was inspired by Pulzo // [Video] La crueldad de un hombre en Bogotá para engañar a su perro y dejarlo abandonado