Latino Twins Make History For Being Born In Different Years

A Latina in Delano, California had twins that were born only minutes apart but in different years. Maria Flores went into labor on December 31st, 2017, at around 7 P.M. and after a few hours, baby boy Joaquin was born at 11:58 P.M.

Eighteen minutes later, on January 1st, 2018, Joaquin’s baby sister, Aitana, was born. The shocked mom was due on January 27th, but it seems like the Californian twins didn’t want to share a birthday.


Joaquin was a natural birth, but Flores had to undergo a C-section as Aitana became slightly breached. The mother and twins remain in good health.

“Look at these beautiful babies! This set of twins was born in Delano last night. Big brother was born in 2017. Little sister was born in 2018! Congrats to the parents!” wrote evening anchor for 23ABC, Jessica Harrington on Twitter.

The unexpected New Year’s Eve delivery took everyone by surprise. “#DRMC is honored to play a significant role in this 2018 New Year delivery of baby twins,” said the Delano Regional Medical Center.


The delivery doctor, Seyed Tamijidi, said he had never seen this before in his 35-year career. Traditionally, the DRMC gives presents to the first baby born in the year. Flores and family received more than $3000 in things for the babies.

The staff of the DRMC took a group picture with the family to remember the occasion. Maria and her husband are both farm workers and have three other daughters. According to different studies, chances of twins being born in different years are 1 in 60,000, so this is a special occasion.

This article was inspired by PEOPLE // California Mom Welcomes Twins — Born in Two Different Years