FIAT Chrysler Moving From Mexico to U.S., 2,500 Mexicans Out of Work

This Monday, FIAT Chrysler stated it is planning to relocate the production of its Ram Heavy Duty truck, currently manufactured in Saltillo, Mexico, back to Michigan. This decision comes after the Trump Administration’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


The car company will also invest more than $1 billion to modernize the Warren Truck Assembly Plant. They’d be creating 2,500 jobs for U.S citizens and are also planning to give out $2,000 bonuses to 60,000 of its employees, excluding senior executives.

Chrysler’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne, claims the recent tax reform bill was a significant factor in the company’s decision, stating the company wanted to use the opportunity to pass savings onto employees.


Trump took to Twitter to accept credit and praise for the decision, writing, “Chrysler is moving a massive plant from Mexico to Michigan, reversing a years long opposite trend. Thank you Chrysler, a very wise decision. The voters in Michigan are very happy they voted for Trump/Pence. Plenty of more to follow!”

Trump said he’d give more jobs to the average American, and at least in this case, he has. But only time will tell how this company’s decision fares.


This article was inspired by NEW YORK POST // Fiat Chrysler to move plant from Mexico to Michigan, pay out bonuses