Drone Footage Shows Little Boy’s Nerve-Wrecking Encounter With Sharks

A little boy who seemed to be on vacation with his family was in great danger and didn’t even know about it. A drone flying over the beach in the Bahamas captured the moment when the boy throws himself into the water, unaware of the danger swimming around him.

The child was playing in the water when four sharks came extremely close to him. Fortunately, he was close to the beach while the sharks were swimming in deeper parts. The boy was able to get out of the water without even knowing about the sea creatures.


The drone belongs to Artem Tkachenko, who was looking at the situation as it transpired. When he saw the boy rushing into the water, he screamed to get out of the water. “Thank God he heard me,” said Tkachenko.

Not only did the drone capture the imminent danger but also, to contrast the ugliness of the incident, one can appreciate the gorgeous, turquoise waters. This close call is a reminder of being aware of our surroundings at all times because anything can happen.

The boy was unharmed, but other tourists have struggled with the wild animals in the past. In September 2017, a video showed a diver punching a shark after it took food from its bait box. And in July, a woman was bitten by a shark while she was snorkeling.

Bull and Tiger sharks are present around the islands of the Bahamas, where several attacks have occurred in recent years.

This article was inspired by Perú.com // Inocente niño se metió al mar y nunca imaginó lo que iba a pasar