VIDEO: Colombian Couple Goes Viral After Strange Marriage Proposal

A man in Colombia had the most original way of proposing to his girlfriend. The video starts with the couple surrounded by “cops,” and discussing the arrest. The girl says that she is a lawyer and that she’s calling another attorney to evaluate the incident.

Cops supposedly handcuff the man and are ready to take him to jail. His girlfriend tells officials to wait a moment while she calls the lawyer. While the man gets on his knees to continue the charade, the girl gets even more upset and asks the officers why they are kneeling him.


The man hesitates no longer and pops the question, “Will you marry me?” Mariachi trumpets started playing “Prometeo” by Colombian singer, Fonseca. The cops and the couple’s friends rejoiced after the bride-to-be said yes.

Surprised, the girlfriend even drops her phone and gets her head to her hands in a gesture of both relief and frustration. The man gets back on his feet and they hug and kiss.

She finally laughs after a moment of difficulty while the man puts the ring on her finger. “It doesn’t fit,” she says at the end of the video while looking at the ring and hugging her future husband.

#VideosDeImpacto A este tipo de operativo de la Policia cómo le podemos llamar?

Posted by Impacto News on Monday, January 8, 2018

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