Mexican Politicians Chant ‘Ehh P*to’ During A Congress Session

A homophobic soccer chant popular in Mexico has haunted the country’s Soccer Federation with numerous fines by FIFA in an effort to eradicate it. The chant now made its way into politics on the floor of Mexico’s Congress last Friday.

In a video of the incident posted online Friday, many lawmakers – mostly women of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) – chanted the infamous Ehhh P*to. It was directed at MORENA’s Deputy, Mario Ariel Juarez of the LXIII Legislature.

The leftist politician was speaking at the dais when the chants started. He was denouncing the corruption allegation that PRI faces in the State of Mexico when he got scolded with the homophobic slur.

The Federal Deputy to the LXIII Legislature of the Mexican Congress, Jorge Carlos Ramirez Marin, intervened. He reminded the jeering group that their behavior was violating Article 10 of the chamber’s code of ethics.

“Article 10: Act with order and decorum in all actions, […] eliminating the use of vulgar, contemptuous, degrading, or profane expressions and procuring at every moment that the treatment with all people is and respectful

The group of lawmakers also chanted “Quiere llorar, quiere llorar” (He wants to cry) at Juarez. He responded by blowing kisses to the crowd while Ramirez Marin tried to regain control of the solemn session.

It’s not rare that a Mexican Congress session turns into a circus. Fistfights among politicians of all sides have occurred in the past, but this was the first time that a soccer chant made its way into the high spheres of Mexican politics.

Soccer fans south of the border use the chant to insult opposing goalkeepers as they take a goal kick. The word ‘Puto’ literally means ‘male prostitute’ and is one of the most popular slurs in Spanish speaking countries.

Some people, however, argue that the word doesn’t necessarily carry a discriminatory connotation. Juan Carlos Osorio, Mexico’s National Soccer Team’s Colombian coach, has defended the crowd’s right to use the chant.

“I understand why the crowd chants and I don’t think the interpretation made internationally is right. This doesn’t mean what people think it means.”

Article inspired by The Sacramento Bee // Gay slur heard at Mexico soccer games rings out in Congress