Police Car Pursuit Ends With Passionate Kiss Between Driver And Passenger

After a lengthy pursuit spanning several cities in the Southeast Los Angeles area, a couple surrendered, but not before sharing a kiss. The crime they committed has yet to be disclosed, but they were seen handing something to a person outside the truck at one point and throwing mystery items out throughout the chase.


Local police initiated the pursuit in the Bell Gardens area and continued until the California Highway Patrol took over. The criminals drove a U-Haul pickup truck on and off highways, and although they often became stuck in traffic, they continued to elude police.

At 11:35 A.M. the truck got a flat tire but continued to evade authorities. Once they reached Montebello, they lost the tire but kept on driving and crashed into another vehicle. After the forceful stop, they remained barricaded inside.

The female driver finally decided to turn herself in and went outside of the truck with her hands behind her head. Her male passenger then exited the vehicle and began passionately kissing her.”This is weird right,” says the KTLA footage commentator.

The kiss lasted around 37 seconds, and the woman repeatedly tried resisting his advances. Five police officers carrying guns and one police dog soon arrived on the scene. They used a stun gun on the man to subdue him and tackled the woman. Both suspects are in custody.

This article was inspired by KTLA 5 // Driver, Passenger Kiss Before Being Taken Into Custody at End of Police Pursuit in Montebello