New Pictures Of Pablo Escobar’s Daughter Have Filtered The Media

Manuela Escobar is now 33-years-old and even though she has fought to remain anonymous for most of her life, pictures of her now as a grown woman have filtered the web. Unlike her brother Sebastian Marroquín who has appeared in many interviews, only a few pictures of Manuela can be seen nowadays.

When the media asked Marroquín why Manuela is so determined to stay away from all social media, he said that “in our family, we respect and value my sister’s right to remain in peace.” But now Manuela looks very different from the old pictures of that small girl surrounded by toys that her father would brag about when he was Colombia’s largest liability.

Publimetro describes journalist José Alejandro Castaño’s experience with Manuela, with whom he spent 20 days in the city of Buenos Aires where she currently lives with her own family. The journalist wrote a book about her and describes that one of her major character traits is her melancholy, product of her father’s murder.

Manuela was 9-years-old when her father died, those nine years she lived in a castle that very well could have come out of a fairy tale. Despite the traumatic experiences that she had to endure during those early years, her father’s money would always attempt to disguise those sour moments into glorious adventures.

Revista GENTE-Juana Manuela Marroquín

When the infamous drug lord was gunned down, Manuela had to face reality, the same reality that her father had denied her from seeing, where her pink princess’ castle turned into a small grey house and the media’s eye was all over her and her family.

According to Castaño, Manuela would spend many nights sleeping under her bed in Buenos Aires, a post-traumatic effect of her days in hiding. “It was a very moving scene, at the turn of the millennium, her school teachers proposed that students choose the main protagonists of the twentieth century. Some students opted for Einstein, others for Hitler, Manuela chooses Chaplin. One of her classmates chooses Escobar, the twentieth-century drug dealer. She silently listens to the comments of her classmates, nobody guesses that his daughter is right there with them” wrote Castaño in his book.

The journalist says that Manuela’s life is very sad, for the time he spent with her family, he says that she rarely appeared and that she had even attempted to kill herself.

Article inspired by Colombia Me Gusta // Así luce en la actualidad Manuela Escobar, la hija de Pablo Escobar