Maradona Shows No Mercy To His Daughter And Asks Judge To Give Her Prison Sentence

Talk about tough parenting! Diego Armando Maradona is surely not a man to be messed with, the lawyer of the retired footballer has assured that they will be requesting a prison sentence for his own flesh and blood daughter, whom he has accused of conspiring with her mother to rob him of €3.8 million.

‘El Barrilete Cósmico’ took his ex-wife, Claudia Villafañe, to court, for the alleged robbery of €3.8 million during the time they were married. But what rocked this week’s headlines is the fact that he also requested a prison sentence for his Gianina Maradona, who is also the daughter of Villafañe, for allegedly helping her mother with the robbery according to Maradona.

The Argentinan World Cup champion of 1986, told the media that his daughter has been obstructing the judicial cause that he maintains against his ex-wife and mother of Gianina. Maradona’s attorney also said that the real victim here is not the football manager, but the state of Argentina because Villafañe was avoiding taxes while at the same time supposedly robbing Maradona of his patrimony.

Gianina responded her father’s allegations through a poignant Twitter message where she assures to forgive her father, “Thank you, everyone, for your kinds messages! I’ve done some divine soul searching because of it. I’ve forgiven worse for him and today I decide to do the same” wrote Maradona’s daughter on her social media account.

“From all the way over here, many miles away, I can only send all my love to my father and show him my gratitude because thanks to him I was able to choose who to be and how I wanted to be,” concluded the daughter, who did seem to hurt for her father’s accusations, even though she claims to forgive him like she has done many times before for far worse things.

Maradona’s actions have not sat well with his waning fandom and the footballing community who are once more exposed to the extravagant outbursts of controversy from the Lanus native who many consider to be the best player the sport has ever brought forward along with Pelé but has now outstayed his welcome with his current scandals.

The author of ‘La Mano De Dios’ and the best goal of the XX century, has been managing Al-Fujairah SC in the United Arab Emirates, since April of this year.

Article inspired by El Espectador // Maradona pide prisión para su hija Gianinna