Little Latina Girl Gets ‘Maruchan’ For Christmas And Her Reaction Is Hilarious

A little Latina girl named Annie received ramen soup as a Christmas gift. Yes, you read it right, ramen. Annie’s mom, Raeann Perez, recorded the girl’s reaction when she unwrapped her present and found out it was soup.

It wasn’t a new toy, doll or even clothes. The family asked her what was inside the wrapping paper and Annies said she didn’t know. They tell her she got soup as a present and she yells, “I can’t wait to eat it!”


She smiled and laughed, begging her mom to cook the present. Annie seemed as happy as any other kid getting a video game, smartphone or toy.

Perez posted the video on Twitter. “Making sure she stays grateful for everything she has. Lol Love her happy heart,” she wrote.

According to ABC 12, Perez wasn’t sure about how Annie was going to react. “Really, it was just to get a reaction out of her. Dad and I didn’t know if it was gonna be anger, sadness or pure innocence. What we captured on video was the best. We honestly thought she was going to be confused as to why she got a Ramen instead of a toy,” she said.

The real message here is to be grateful for the things that we already have instead of waiting to get something new or unnecessary. Annie Perez showed us just that.

It seems like little children are easy to shop for these days. A pair of Mexican boys who got a box of donuts and a box of cereal also reacted as funny and moving as Annie.

This article was inspired by Vivala // Little Latina gets a literal pack of ramen for Christmas and has the most grateful response