This Latino Man Supports The Border Wall And Creates Controversy At White House

It would seem that President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is turning into reality now that there has been some legislative progress on Capitol Hill. As reported by Bloomberg, the border wall funding was passed by the House only last month and Senate Republicans drafted a Homeland Security bill that includes another $1.6 billion in funds for a wall stretching all through the Mexico-U.S. border.

Republicans have now taken hostage all the beneficiaries of the DACA program, also known as Dreamers, who are now being used as bargaining chips with the Democrats in order to get further funding for the border wall, the failure of the Democrats to cooperate, could mean that there will be no legislative fix that will allow the 800,000 young immigrants to stay in the country. GOP lawmaker strongly supports the idea of the southern border wall and believe that the Democrats will eventually give in to their demands even though most of them have a strong opposition against its construction.

“Why would anyone argue against it when we know that illegal immigration costs our country over $100 billion dollars a year. It would be the best investment we could ever make,” said Fredy Burgos, a Latino Republican from Northern Virginia that was spotted wearing a #MAGA style hat that read “Build The Wall” at a Hispanic Heritage event in the White House.

Pictures of the out-of-place man quickly went viral and Burgos basked in the attention and the exposure his slogan got.

“I wore it because no one is willing to stand up and make a statement of truth — that illegal immigration from the southern border directly affects the Latino community. It’s happening right here in Northern Virginia,” said Burgos. “The number one victims of illegal immigrants, especially Northern Virginia, are Latinos themselves. They are the ones whose children are being bullied to sell drugs. Their little girls are having to prostitute themselves after school. They are the ones who will be unburied in parks after MS-13 criminals are arrested and confess where they buried (their victim’s) bodies.”

Burgos who came into the country from Chile when he was only two months old and has lived in Northern Virginia for all his life, claims that he witnessed a “transformation” for the worse over the years, and that all he wants is for the country to return to its Judeo-Christian roots and be once more a nation based on the rule of law.

“The ones who I get push-back from are leftist Democrats — who are already active Democrats. There are a lot of conservative Latinos who are not political and they agree with me. I don’t even get problems from illegal aliens themselves,” he said. “If you truly care about the Latino community. If you really care about more economic opportunity — you build that border wall.”

Article based on Western Journalism // Conservative Latino Leader: Build The Wall Now