Jennifer Lopez Reacts To Bruno Mars’ And Cardi B’s ‘In Living Color’ Video

When ‘Finesse’ first hit the charts, it became fans’ second favorite R&B song on Bruno Mars’ ’24K Magic’ album. Now, Mars invited everybody’s favorite Latina rapper, Cardi B, to add the flavor nobody knew was missing.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars spoiled fans with this remix. Not only did they release the fantastic single, but also a full-fledged music video to accompany the song.

The music video is a complete and utter homage to 90’s fan-favorite TV show ‘In Living Color.’ It is an old-school comedy show responsible for jump-starting the careers of plenty of celebrities, including, Rosie Perez, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lopez, the original Fly Girl.

J.Lo would dance her booty off on stage every week since 1991 and would continue to do so until she left the show to pursue her career elsewhere. Bruno tweeted ‘In Living Color’ was “one of his favorite TV shows of all time,” and even dedicated the music video to the classic TV program.

When fans weren’t busy playing the song on repeat, they talked and commented on how much better the video would have been had ‘Jenny from the block’ made an appearance. J.Lo got nostalgic, responding to Cardi’s and Bruno’s Fly Girl Magic by posting a throwback video of her first live appearance.

Fans were all for it, making callbacks and proclaiming their all-out love for the singer. Even Cardi B joined in on the love and shared a funny tweet on how tired she got while recreating Lopez’s over-the-top dance moves.

Article inspired by VIVALA // J.Lo reacted to Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s ‘Finesse’ video in the most unexpected way