Some Think This Dresser Is White And Pink, Others See Gray And Light Blue

It’s not a dress this time. It’s a dresser. Much like an image of a dress uploaded to Reddit a few years back, this piece of furniture is provoking widespread commotion. People all over the internet are trying to determine the actual color palette of a family dresser.

The color options are pretty similar to before. It could be either white and pink or gray and light blue (which some claim is more of a ‘mint’ color.) The image’s comment section is flooded with social media users voicing pink and white as the correct color combination.


The owner of the dresser decided to clear all doubt regarding its true colors by publishing a different image where these can be appreciated correctly. It’s painted grey and blue. The post received thousands of Facebook reactions and hundreds of comments. The same can be seen in the Reddit post.

According to a study realized earlier this year, color variations are probably due to assumptions our brain makes regarding the illumination of the object. When we assume it’s getting hit by daylight, which has longer, redder wavelengths, it makes the dresser seem white and pink.

One hypothesis states people who are morning birds will assume the object is seen in daylight most of the time, while those who are night owls will believe it’s under artificial light. Were you able to discover its true colors?

This article was inspired by LA REPUBLICA // Facebook: De qué color es la cómoda? el nuevo desafío viral que no podrás resolver