Coco Dedicates Its Golden Globe Award To The Mexican Audience

At the 75th edition of the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles, California, Pixar’s movie, Coco, took home the prize for the best-animated motion picture. In a fantastic win for the Latin community, the movie beat the following films: The Breadwinner, Ferdinand, and Loving Vincent.


Co-Directors, Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina, alongside producer Darla K. Anderson, took to the stage to thank “the incredible people of Mexico and their beautiful traditions of Día de Muertos.” The crew behind the award-winning film traveled to Mexico to research and gained an authentic sense of the country’s culture.

It also featured an all-Latin voice cast. In an interview with The Verge, Unkrich explained how he “felt an enormous responsibility on my shoulders to do it right. To do everything I could to set us up for success, to surround ourselves with experts, to immerse ourselves in Mexican culture as much as we could.”


“Coco would not exist without the incredible people of Mexico and their tradition of Día de Los Muertos,” Unkrich highlighted after thanking the cast and crew. People all over went wild over the prize and the Mexican culture shoutout.

Coco showed the world one of Mexico’s most beloved celebrations, and the Latin community could not be more proud of being a part of it.

This article was inspired by BUZZFEED // ‘Coco’ ganó un Golden Globe y sus creadores dedicaron el premio a México