Cheating Girlfriend Caught After Sending A Selfie To Her Boyfriend

An unnamed woman got caught cheating when she sent a selfie to her boyfriend. She didn’t notice the picture showed something else that would put their relationship to an end. The incident went viral and made her look very bad.

The woman wanted to look sexy for her boyfriend wearing a baby doll dress, took a picture, and sent it to him. According to La República, they had a long-distance relationship at the moment. He worked far away from her but he would try anything not to lose contact with her.


When her boyfriend got the selfie, he saw an item he didn’t think his girlfriend would use. A pair of big, red, man shoes were lying by the side of the bed, and he got upset about it as those shoes weren’t his. He went on Facebook and posted the photo to let everybody know his [now ex] girlfriend was a cheater.

Some users think it’s all fake and others believe in the integrity of the case.


Another similar incident this month had a couple in the same situation. The only difference is that this one shows an arm of the other man, instead of shoes.

In a different situation, a woman in Georgia was caught cheating with her boss. Her boyfriend found out because of a selfie she sent him and showed a suitcase that wasn’t hers.

This article was inspired by Nueva Mujer // Mujer envía una foto sexy y su novio descubre que le era infiel