Cardi B Joins Bruno Mars In ‘Finesse’ Music Video, Perfect For 90’s Kids

Bruno Mars had a fabulous 2017 with many top charting songs and earning big Grammy nominations. Cardi B didn’t do that bad either, with three songs that skyrocketed her to success and record-setting charts.

Mars and B joined to create the song that seems to be the first big hit of 2018, and it’s perfect for those who grew up in the 90’s. ‘Finesse’ is one of Mars’ songs from his third album ’24K Magic,’ and the remix and video now feature Cardi B.


The video, inspired by the 90’s style, is a tribute to “In Living Color,” a comedy show that featured different artists, including Jennifer Lopez. Speaking of J.Lo, many fans on Twitter commented she was the only thing missing for the video to be perfect.

“The only thing that could have made the Finesse video better would’ve been @JLo popping out to do an 8 count with the Fly Girls,” wrote one user. Some even asked for a second remix to include the Puerto Rican. “Ok and I can I just I wish @JLo was in the #Finesse video? 2nd remix? LoL,” wrote another user.

Mars said that the video is dedicated to one of his “favorite T.V. shows of all time.” From the fashion, the jam, and choreography, the video is a total anthem for the 90’s and proves why it is one of the best decades.

Cardi B added some rhymes to give it a modern and fresh style. The remix reached more than three million views moments after its release.

This article was inspired by Vivala // 15 tweets that prove Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’ music video already won 2018