Boy Bursts Into Tears After Hearing Late Mother’s Voice In Stuffed Monkey

Antonio Vargas gave his son an exceptional Christmas gift – a stuffed monkey that plays love messages from his deceased mother. Vargas recorded the beautiful moment but did not prepare for what was going to occur next.

Antonio Jr. received the present and seemed curious about it, even mentioning he was scared to open the gift. He unwrapped the present but didn’t seem particularly excited about a stuffed animal.


Mr. Vargas told him to touch the monkey’s hands one at a time. Once he pushed the monkey’s paw, it prompted the voice of Jr’s mother’s, with her saying, “I love you guys very much.” Jr. hugged the stuffed monkey and cried inconsolably.

The father shared the moving video on Facebook with the caption, “This is a real big touching moment as a parent prepping this monkey to have a heartbeat and to speak to my son so that my son can hear his mother’s voice again. She passed away on 4th of July. We always called our son our little monkey. So on Christmas Day, his dream came true!!! I love my little man with all my heart. Daddy loves you.”

The toy has messages like, “I love you to the world and back,” and “Give me a big hug, I love you.” Every time he presses the monkey’s hands, belly or feet, Jr. can hear his mother’s voice giving him some encouragement.

“This was so beautiful, I couldn’t do anything but cry,” wrote a Facebook user. “I cried so hard watching this my son lost his dad to cancer at age five, what I wouldn’t give for him to hear his voice again,” wrote another.

The Facebook video went viral, reaching millions of viewers around the world.

This article was inspired by Yahoo! // Nothing will touch you quite like seeing this boy listen to his late mother’s voice for Christmas