7.6 Earthquake Strikes Off Honduran Coast, Tsunami Alert For Puerto Rico

After 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit near Honduras and shook the Caribbean, a tsunami alert got issued for Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Nicaragua. Fortunately, the tsunami alert passed, but thousands of people living in the dark months after Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico became more alert than before.

A “potential threat” was also announced for Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Belize after the earthquake. The earthquake struck about 27 miles east of Great Swan Island, Honduras.


“Persons located in the threatened coastal areas should stay alert for information and follow instructions from national and local authorities,” said the NWS Pacific Warning Center.

Witnesses reported seeing windows rattle in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, but no damage reports have been submitted, so far. It was also felt in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, north of Honduras, according to Mexico’s civil protection director.

The government of Puerto Rico asked people to stay out of the water, but never issued an evacuation alert. The island is still in recovery after their worst natural disaster on record.


Tsunamis have been the cause of death in recent years, so despite the warning getting canceled, it’s better to stay away from the water right now. Juan Jose Reyes, Director of Early Warning System for COPECO, urged the people to stay away from low-lying coastal areas.

“If you notice that the (sea) disappears, you have to go to (a) high place,” he said. The US Geological Survey said the quake, reported as a magnitude 7.8, was very shallow, at only 6.2 miles, which would have amplified its effect.

Tuesday’s quake was one of the largest to hit the Caribbean in recorded history. The 2010 quake that devastated Haiti was magnitude 7.0, which left the country with more than 250,000 deaths.


This article was inspired by Express // Monster 7.6 magnitude EARTHQUAKE threatens Caribbean with TSUNAMI